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Nostradamus predictions which have come true: Donald Trump's triumph in the 2016 US Presidential Elections. Some believe that Nostradamus' Century III, quatrain 81, foretold the victory of President Trump in the 2016 elections. The quatrain reads: “The great shameless, audacious bawler,. “He will be.
A blind mystic who many claim predicted 9/11, the rise of ISIS, the Boxing Day tsumani and Brexit also foresaw two major events in 2018. Bulgarian. Before she died, Baba — dubbed the “Nostradamus from the Balkans” — left predictions up to the 51st century, when she believed the world would end.
IS WORLD WAR 3 GOING TO START IN 2018? NOSTRADAMUS' PREDICTION IS BECOMING TRUE? The prophecy came true about Donald Trump. In the quatrain of Les Propheties is foreseen even the victory of the last president of the United States of America, Donald Trump: in the 40th quatrain is written:” the “false.

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Trump Impeachment in 2018, Says Prof. Who Predicted Trump Win

NOSTRADAMUS predictions for 2018 have foretold one of the worst years in global history with a string of natural disasters, the fall of the economy, and the start of World War 3.
A PSYCHIC who predicted Donald Trump's election win and Brexit has unveiled his predictions for 2018. But what does Craig Hamilton-Parker think is in store for 2018? Craig Hamilton-Parker gives his predictions for the next 12 months on his website. commons.wikimedia.org. 4. Craig Hamilton-Parker ...
Baba Vanga is said to have predicted many world events including Brexit. Before she died Baba = dubbed the “Nostradamus from the Balkans” - left predictions up to the 51st Century, when she believed the world would end. For 2018, she foresaw two world-changing events. They were that China will.
Donald Trump's first year in office was turbulent, to say the least.. Rumours of his impeachment circulated throughout most of 2017 but one person believes that 2018 will finally be the year that the President is ousted from the Oval Office.. More: Nostradamus 'predicted' Donald Trump 400 years ago.

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Psychics Read the News: Trump's Ties to Russia?

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Nostradamus predictions 2017: Trump, hot wars, China

Nostradamus predictions for 2018 are revealed - Time For Everything

A fresh year ahead of us, with no idea where it's going to take us or what's going to happen - exciting, isn't it?
However, some people think they do know what's going to happen and, I'm not going to lie, it's not all good news.
According to Alessandro Bruno, : "The Nostradamus predictions for 2018 are dire, as they include what might become World War III.
They sense that the world is beyond their control and they feel that difficult times are ahead.
That's because most people are ignoring the fact that Russia and the United States have resumed a level of tension not seen since almost 30 years ago.
If a world war isn't bad enough news for you, then followers of Nostradamus have also said Italian volcano Mount Vesuvius will erupt - 'shaking the earth every five minutes', apparently and we all nostradamus predictions 2018 trump what happened last time.
Following the natural disaster theme, it's also believed an earthquake will rock the western area of the US.
It's not just earth attacking us, either, Nostradamus has been interpreted as saying: "A moment of great violence will coincide with the appearance of a comet in the sky.
A nuclear terrorism and natural catastrophes will destroy our planet.
But try not to lose too much sleep, because NASA says there's no major threat from asteroids for at least 100 years.
Despite all of this death and destruction mentioned above, our man Nostradamus commit tottenham v west ham 2018 tv words people would be living up nostradamus predictions 2018 trump 'at least 200 years of age'.
I don't know if I want that, to be honest, mate.
Of course, sceptics will say all these predications are bollocks.
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